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Faraja to open a new regional base in Eldoret – expanding outreach work

A high priority is to reach out to more communities, located outside of Nairobi, through our screening camps, awareness raising and support work.  Eldoret, has been chosen as our first new regional base which in time could see Faraja doubling the amount of people we help.

Over the past 18 months 5 outreach screening and awareness raising camps have been held at Kiambu, Kisumu, Nakuru,  Meru and Eldoret as part of Nakumatt’s “Let’s Fight This Battle Together” campaign. During this time, a total of 4,556  people being screened for the most common cancers. Ground breaking work.

Sadly 70% of cancer is diagnosed at an advanced stage in Kenya, making it difficult and expensive to treat – so we push hard our key messages of ‘early detection and prevention’ and ‘getting the right treatment of at the right time’ are life-saving.  These key messages are taken back into the villages, and helps to bust myths and break-down stigma, such as cancer is contagious and the result of a witch’s curse.

Cancer Screening Flier A5 (OL)In Eldoret the first step will be to run a large screening camp in partnership, with amongst others, Nakumatt and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital – with a focus on breast, prostate and cervical cancers.  This happened  on the 24th and 25th of June. A total of 1482 patients were screened. Total female 860, Total male 622, Total suspicious cases 85. 1 cyrotheraphy was done.

Following this, and by the end of the year, we hope to have the new Eldoret centre up and running. It will be modelled on the centre of excellence that has been developed in Nairobi and based out of the Moi Teaching Hospital.

Recently Philip, Faraja Patient Manager, and myself were in Eldoret making plans, and seeing the progress of some children we have been helping with Wilms Tumour.  As Philip said:

“At the hospital we met several kids with Wilms tumour, a Kidney cancer. In developed countries most kids survive and go on to live normal healthy lives due to the highly treatable nature of the disease – but in Kenya survival rates are much lower due to lack of funds and treatment. Faraja has already been supporting many of these kids already remotely and having a grass-roots presence will enable us to do so much more”

Faraja in Eldoret 1


It is an exciting milestone opening the first Faraja regional base. We are committed to this vision, and are currently seeking a funding partner.  The office set up and running costs of the first year are estimated at Kshs 5 – 6 million.  If your workplace is seeking a high impact CSR project, or you’re are a philanthropist looking to make a social investment then please contact me

Shaira Adamali- Faraja Cancer Support Trust, Founding Trustee


Mobile: 0722 516 132

Faraja’s Fruit and Milk Aid for Cancer Kids

Faraja Cancer Support Trust began giving fruit and milk donations once a month in 2015. The donations are offered to the children in level 3 ward which accommodates approximately 50 children. Due to the positive feedback we have received, the donations have been extended to level 1 e and level 9 paediatric. We purchase 47 litres of Brookside milk every month for the programme at a total cost of kshs 9,600 per month ( Kshs 115,200 a year)

Crafts for Cure Milk AidNutritional therapy is part and parcel of ensuring a better treatment outcome after all our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food. Cancer and cancer treatments can also affect the way the body tolerates certain foods and uses nutrients.

A study by the America Cancer Society shows that even healthy kids often don’t get enough calcium and vitamin D, which are especially important for bone growth. Some of the drugs used to treat cancer can lower calcium and vitamin D levels, too, so extra amounts is needed and that is why our milk program is very important.

Once a month we receive 3 cartons from Fruity Fruits free of charge and yearly a cash donation of kshs. 90,000 from an anonymous donor. The Catholic International Community, St. Austins Parish has recently donated kshs. 290,000 for the programme and we received a further $800 from a donor in Canada.

In addition to contributing directly towards enhancing the welfare of children patients at KNH, milk donations would release the funds provided by current and new supporters to finance enhanced craft work as well as other programmes funded by the Faraja Cancer Support Trust.


For more information email or call 0727 529 287

Kenya’s Biggest Coffee Morning 2015

Kenya’s Biggest Coffee Morning 2015 was a Success!

2015 poster

Here are 2015’s topline statistics:

We had a total of 51 hosts which saw roughly 6,000 take part
65 AA Ground Coffee packs donated by Java were drunk.
3,700 posters, invites, envelopes and thank you notes were printed
921 delicious pastries were kindly donated by Ennsvalley Bakeries were eaten

Our main speakers were Dr. Esther Nafula who talked about the cancer scene in Kenya and early signs, Komal Shah and Heather Cuthbert who talked about nutrition, our patient support manager Phillip Odiyo who touched on the importance of balance between the mind, spirit and body and Dr James Mbogo who touched on the risk factors of getting cancer in  Kenya.

We raised Kshs 4 million for Faraja!

‘Kenya’s Biggest Coffee Morning is becoming an increasingly important event for Faraja as it not only raises vital funds, it also raises awareness. My team could not provide the quantity or quality of care, that we do, if it was not for the efforts of our incredible KBCM hosts. Make no mistake, your are part of the Faraja family helping to make Kenya a better place for those with cancer a disease no-one should have to face alone.  I look forward to seeing you all again next year!’ Philip Odiyo – Patient Support Manager, Faraja

This year we had NEW coffee morning hosts namely:

4 Banks
1 mosque
An apartment complex
1 university and 1 college
1 host from Naivasha and one from Nanyuki
6 offices/institutions

A special thank you to hosts who have done it second year running, we appreciate your continued support.

I would also like to take this opportunity to provide a special mention to our top fundraising hosts in 4 categories:

  • Top individual: The Ladies of Bridge the Gap in Nyali, Mombasa led by Shakila Mamujee raised Kshs 573,000 (It is worth noting that Shakila was also top individual last year well done)
  • Top company: Tausi Assurance raised Kshs 652,201
  • Top school: USIU-Africa raised Kshs 80,000
  • Top Salon/Spa: Revitalise Wellness Center raised an incredible Kshs 1,000,777 throughout the month of October


Throughout the month of October, some ingenious ideas came to life, such as hosting a coffee morning at an apartment complex, getting advance pledges from staff members and clients before hand, selling cancer awareness ribbons and hosting a coffee morning Zumba/Yoga session

“We have had such a great fun coffee morning in Naivasha. Shaira came and talked about Faraja. We also had Sammy, a survivor,  who has been helped by Faraja with his cancer and now looking fit and well. What a fantastic initiative”  – Susan Church, KBCM HOST, GreenPark, Naivasha

I must give a special mention to the cancer survivors who came to various coffee mornings. Thank you so much for sharing your moving testimonies and being a true testament to “life after cancer”.

As always we are thankful to each and everyone who took their time out to organise Kenya’s Biggest Coffee morning for us. If you would like to organize a coffee morning next year, kindly email our Fundraising Manager Cindy at

To take part, please let us know your contact details, and where your coffee morning will held. We’ll send you a Coffee Morning Kit which includes invites and posters to advertise your event. All donations on the day will give hope and support to children and adults living with cancer. No-one should have to face cancer alone. Every cup counts. Every host is a hero.

For further details please contact:

Cindy – – 0727 529 287
Arwa – – 0727 529 287

Yes, sign me up today. I will be a host as part of Kenya’s Biggest Coffee Morning Event



Free Cancer Screening in Eldoret on the 24th and 25th of June 2016

Faraja Cancer Support Trust, Nakumatt Holdings and the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH), will carry out free breast, cervical and prostate cancer screening. The screening will be at the MTRH Memorial Grounds in Eldoret, on Friday 24th and Saturday 25thJune from 8am-5pm. This will be the third screening of the five screenings set to be conducted by Faraja Cancer Support Trust, supported by Nakumatt through their “Let’s Fight This Battle Together” campaign.
Cancer Screening Flier A5 (OL)

The screenings aim to create awareness about the importance of early detection in the treatment of cancer. The campaign aims to reach 5,000 Kenyans in 5 counties namely: Nakuru , Meru, Eldoret, Kisii and Mombasa.

Phillip Odiyo, Patient Support Manager from Faraja Cancer Trust commented “We strongly advocate for people to come for the screening.  Some cancers never cause symptoms or become life-threatening, but if found by a screening test, the cancer may be treated.  The exercise will also educate the public on healthier lifestyles and ways of recognizing and responding to possible warning signs.”

Recent data from Moi Teaching Referral Hospital and Kenya Medical Research institute indicates more than 40,000 new cancer cases are reported in Kenya every year and 28,000 die of the disease.  The government has made strides in changing the bleak cancer situation by allocating Ksh 500million to buy more cancer equipment at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret.

Dr. Naftali Busakhala, Head of Hemato-oncology MTRH Commented, “We are proud of the government’s effort to help reduce mortality by cancer. With proper technical and human capacity put in place, the hospital will enhance the aspects of the cancer treatment to be done. Additionally, this will minimize the number of patients travelling all the way to Nairobi and elsewhere for treatment.””

Sonali Shah, Head of Marketing Nakumatt commented, “We are committed to increase cancer awareness and educate the public on healthy lifestyle factors. It is evident that there is gap in access to quality information about cancer and we hope the cancer screening campaigns is a step towards bridging the gap.”

DurIMG_9097ing the cancer screening, individuals diagnosed with early stage cancer will qualify for further diagnosis and are likely to get support for treatment. This is made possible by the funds that were raised during the October 2015 “Let’s Fight This Battle Together Campaign.” Every October, Nakumatt shoppers who buy Blue Label Products and other participating brands, donate Kshs 1 or 2 towards the campaign.Shoppers can also donate cash or their smart points at the till. A total of Kshs 13million was raised in 2015.  Funds will be used for screening, further diagnostic tests and treatment . In October 2014, Nakumatt raised 5 million for Faraja which facilitated two screenings in Kisumu and Kiambu. A total 2000 people were screened and suspicious cases given adequate care.


Faraja Cancer Support Trust has also announced the opening of its second branch at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital’s “Chandaria Cancer and Chronic Diseases Center.” This will allow more cancer patients to access Faraja’s free complementary therapies and medical assistance. The next screening will be in Kisii county in August 2016 (Dates to be announced) and Aga Khan, Mombasa on the Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd October 2016.


For more information on free cancer screenings call 0727 529287 or  email

White Water Rafting Challenge 2015

What an amazing weekend we had at Savage Wilderness Camp in Sagana, as we experienced the rapids of River Tana for a second year  in 2015. We had promised that this year would be bigger and better than last year and it was! We had 29 teams and over 100 spectators and together we have raised Ksh 3m. The water level was also higher and the rapids were bigger and better. We would like to thank the corporates that sponsored teams, individuals that fund raised for their own teams and also all the rafters who raised over and above the minimum amount. Thank you for coming along to raft and spectate.

Top Line Statistics for 2015
Saturday 23rd May: Morning Session

PwC Raiders Team 2 – Winner

PKF team 2 – Runner up

Saturday 23rd May: Afternoon Session

Knight Frank – Winner

A&K Riff Rafters 2 – Runner Up

Sunday 24th of May: Morning Session

Rift Valley Lodge- Runner Up

Lancet Labs – Winner

                                                    Overall winners: Knight Frank Ltd and Lancet Labs Ltd 

                                                    Overall 1st Runner Up: PwC Raiders Team 2

 Amazing Fundraisers!

Amazing Fundraisers

The concept of fundraising over and above the registration fee for white water rafting can be quite challenging. That is why when a team goes above and beyond this challenge to raise a staggering amount; we have to give them a much deserved mention and kudos. The GIO GIO team, led by Musti Mamujee have managed to raise a staggering Kshs 855,000!!! The highest any team has raised since we begun the White Water Rafting Challenge in May 2014.

The 2nd highest fundraiser was the Rift Valley Lodge team lead by Nicola Armitage. The 3rd highest fundraiser was the Chandaria Team led by Amee Devani.

Click here to view pictures from 2015 White Water Rafting Challenge



The moment we survive and conquer something challenging in our lives, a sense of happiness, appreciation and victory often overwhelms us. The feeling is not different for those who survive the cancer journey, most of them say that they eventually start appreciating life more than they did before. On this month, June, we celebrate all cancer survivors. They surely deserve a trophy after overcoming such a tough journey

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