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March is the Kidney Cancer awareness month. In our efforts to raise awareness about Kidney cancer, we decided to write a post that will give you more information about kidney cancer.

How much information do you have about kidney cancer? What questions are pondering in your mind right now in relation to Kidney cancer? We are here to help you out and put your mind at ease. Here are answers to the frequently asked questions about kidney cancer.

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On our former post, signs and symptoms of cancer, we talked about signs and symptoms you should look out for and visit your doctor if they persist for a longer period  such as 3 weeks or more.

However, what happens if you doctor puts your mind to rest by confirming that you are cancer free, do you go to your old risky ways of living such as smoking? On the other hand what happens if your doctor indeed confirms that you have cancer, do you loose faith and decide to live a risky and unhealthy lifestyle?

No, is the answer to those questions. You look for ways to remain healthy no matter the results. The question is how to do keep healthy? Worry not since today we will update you on various ways in which you can reduce your risk of cancer.

A healthy lifestyle is one major ways to fight any disease and cancer is not different. Here are various ways in which you can fight cancer through a healthy lifestyle.

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Knowing how your body normally looks and feels is very essential since it can help you notice any early changes that could be caused by cancer.

A sign is a signal that can be seen by someone else and whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else. Examples include skin rash and blood in the stool.

A symptom on the other hand is is generally subjective can only be detected or sensed by the patient, others only know about it if the patient tells them. Symptoms include fatigue, stomach-ache weakness and so on.

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It’s March already!! Happy new month to you all. Just the other day we wished you all a splendid happy new year and now here we are on the third month but as the days go by I hope that we are all growing stronger each day in supporting cancer patients.

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